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Case Studies

We’re proud to have implemented technology projects across the ASX50, government agencies, startups and medium sized business. Our customers are true pioneers shaping the industry. They are the ones with the great ideas, we just help them happen with advisory, discovery workshops and delivery. 

Because many of the projects we work on could give our clients a competitive edge, some of our clients ask to remain anonymous when taking part in case studies, we are happy to respect their wish for anonymity. Discover some of our customer success stories below. 

Application Software Delivery Review

We have worked with a large Australian financial institution to perform a current state assessment of delivery and release processes across three key banking applications.

Modernising an ageing integration platform

We have worked with a large Australian financial institution to replace an ageing integration platform supporting up to 200 enterprise service operations, with a modern, progressive container based technology stack.

Delivering a revitalised ecommerce experience

Our client, a large multinational telecommunications company, had undertaken a 7 year Digital Transformation program with an end goal to provide the end user a full omni-channel experience as well as being able to extract customer insights through the customer journey.

Delivering Energy Made Easy

The Energy Made Easy service needed to be improved to provide better information and more accurate energy plan comparisons

Taking lead generation in sport and wagering to the world

We partnered with an innovative digital media business to rapidly deliver a best-in-class comparison based lead generation product for sports betting to their international client.

Providing businesses with smarter ways to pay

We partnered with a fintech company who helps SMEs borrow money to grow their business rapidly, to design and deliver a new mobile experience for their payment product.

Transforming ways of working

We have worked with one of Australia’s leading suppliers of residential and commercial hardware products to define a transformative approach for how their delivery teams can work at scale.

Assessing engineering capabilities in energy

We were engaged by a leading integrated essential service provider to review their mobile engineering capabilities.