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CourseDescriptionTarget AudienceFormatLengthSkill Level
Kubernetes in seven steps• Getting started with Kubernetes
• Hello Kubernetes with Minicube
• Building a complex cluster
• Monitoring and health checks
• Persistence and databases
• Security and access control
• CI / CD solutions
Operators and DevelopersClassroom2 daysAdvanced
API development with ISTIOTake a web application and supporting APIs and make it production ready. Topics include:
• Addition of transport security (i.e. HTTPS) and endpoint security (i.e. end user API auth, service to service mutual auth).
• Addition of resilience features including circuit breakers and rate limiting.
• Addition of observability instrumentation including logging, metrics, and tracing.
API DevelopersClassroom2 daysAdvanced
Development of Services in GolangIntroductory course in the Golang language.

Getting started with the language – geared towards primarily Java or Node developers looking to get a better grasp on Go. Learning will be focused on coding challenges to explore the language.

There will be some prerequisite homework to do before commencement of the course.
API DevelopersClassroom2 daysIntermediate