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Managed Services

We provide a next generation Managed Services offering for the ongoing support of your solution components, inclusive of all cloud services leveraged for the solution.

We have over 25 large scale managed service customers and a number of smaller clients across various industry sectors from Retail, Property, Mining, Education, Government, Healthcare and Finance.

We run critical and highly regulated workloads, including an IRAP regulated ancillary health services payment platform, a large Australian Federal Government website and a number of regulated enterprise customer environments fully managed and maintained with PCI and/or IRAP compliance.

We support end-user-compute environments for thousands of users across multiple countries.

What our clients are saying

While we provide comprehensive training and coaching, we know sometimes it’s just not feasible to maintain and support the service or product we build so we offer ongoing support. Our offering provides 24/7, Australian based, proactive, next generation SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) managed services.

Why choose us?

  • Having designed, built, and managed cloud environments for many years, we are a premier partner.
  • Through our engineers whose backgrounds range from a wide range of technical fields, we leverage their deep understanding and broad skill sets.
  • Together with our RunCMD automation tooling, our award-winning Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) ensure your environment will run online, scale, and self-heal as it should.
  • As part of the Mantel House of Brands, we can also tap into broader skill sets, like Cloud, Data, AI, and Machine Learning.

What we do

On market-leading Cloud platforms, we design, build, and manage a wide range of managed services. We work closely with our sister brand CMD Solutions to provide you with a skilled Managed Services team, partnering with you to achieve optimised, cost effective and secure environments.

DigIOs provides the expertise to manage all aspects of your application services and its data while CMD caters for all platform services, automated processes and tooling to ensure that we provide a secure, resilient and dynamic platform environment with rapid response to events when they occur.

The benefits of managed services include:

Cost Effective:
A Managed Services Provider (MSP) will reduce your total cost of ownership by leveraging a highly experienced Site Reliability Engineering team that provides reliable and scalable managed services on market-leading cloud providers.

Flexible To Your Situation:
We offer a range of services managed through automation to ensure a lean, production-ready environment enabling you to concentrate on your core business objectives. The services provided are all underpinned by a flexible shared responsibility model aligned to your requirements.

Always Compliant:
Our managed service manages industry-leading, highly regulated environments that are required to maintain compliance with industry regulations such as IRAP and PCI.

Our approach to DevSecOps leverages industry-leading, continuous compliance tooling, ensuring a constant feedback loop on the state of your environment.

We onboard quickly and rapidly stand up the managed service supporting your project pipeline to release faster with less effort.

Incident Response:
We provide 24/7, 365-day Incident Response guaranteed with elevated support available on request.


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