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Our Services

Digio is Australia's leading provider of Digital Services from concept to production; continually exploring and evolving alongside technologies and method.

By working with Digio, you can take advantage of our full service capabilities, from helping craft your digital strategy, discovering what to build and how to build it, bringing it to life with our software engineering teams and keeping your solution running with the comfort of 24/7 Managed Services.

How we work

We have 4 groupings of services that we provide. This is how they work together.

Our Services

Discovery and Project Inception

Giving you a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, technology challenges, and the effort required to bring it to life, so you can evaluate the desirability, feasibility and viability of your solution.

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Managed Services

A next generation Managed Services offering for the ongoing support of your solution components, inclusive of all cloud services leveraged for the solution.

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What else can Digio help you with?

We partner with Auth0, Confluent and Kong and we have access to the scale of Mantel Group.

Our external partners are:

We have access to the scale of Mantel Group and can partner and utilise the scale of our Mantel Group brands:

Pretzel Lab

Design (CX, Product, UX, UI, Service)

CMD Solutions
AWS Platform, Managed Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Platform

Data Engineering, AI/ML