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We really don’t want to brag but the Digio team consists of some pretty smart people. They come from incredible backgrounds and have implemented some of the largest technology projects in Australia and New Zealand. We think they have earned the right to produce inspiring content on where technology is going and run our tech radars across Web, Mobile App, API and platform engineering. 

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GraphQL Part 3: Federation and Service-oriented Architecture

    Federation allows developers to bring their GraphQL graph in line with domain-driven development whiles still offering a single endpoint through which data-as-needed can be fetched. It offers significant advantages over schema-stitching but comes with the danger of vendor lock-in. The best way to move to Federation from a monolithic setup is by splitting the graph into subgraphs domain by domain.

    November 03 2023

Harbouring Innovation: SXSW Sydney, AI and Divergent Thinking

    The journey of one engineer heading to SXSW Sydney 2023 to discover the latest in tech trends and innovation.

    November 01 2023

Key Takeaways & Thoughts on Data in Leadership, Tech Strategy and the Human side of Engineering from YOW! Tech Leaders Summit 2023

    Learn about the ways Data can be used in Leadership, How to shape a Tech Strategy and the Human side of Engineering from YOW! Tech Leaders Summit 2023.

    October 20 2023

GraphQL Part 2: Case study I – Introducing GraphQL with a monolithic architecture

    In part 2 of our blog series on GraphQL, we explore the concepts introduced in part 1 (GraphQL Part 1: Comparing Monolithic and Backend-for-Frontend (BFF) Architectures for Implementing GraphQL) with a case study.

    October 18 2023

Contract Testing: An In-Depth Guide

    Evaluate your interactions with microservices or software components in distributed systems based on predefined agreements using contract testing.

    October 02 2023

GraphQL Part 1: Comparing Monolithic and Backend-for-Frontend (BFF) Architectures for Implementing GraphQL

    Common patterns of using GraphQL in a monolithic or backend-for-frontend architecture share similar advantages, such as the ease of setup, ownership of each service often residing with just one team, and scalability. However, as they scale to serve data from more and more endpoints, both architectures experience challenges. Predominantly, these come in the form of lacking maintenance of standards, increasing complexity of ownership, suffering upkeep of best practices with resulting potential security holes. Additionally, the services will require a high level of domain knowledge to effectively manage.

    October 01 2023

Emerging API Technology Trends – Tech Radar 2023

    Digio prides itself on being a learning organisation, striving to promote technology vitality and prepare our clients so they can evolve and be successful. Each year we run a series of Tech Radar workshops with a range of engineers across web, mobile, API, QA and platform domains. They provide insights and perspectives from their diverse consulting experiences and research.

    August 31 2023

Unpacking AI’s Next Moves: Web Directions AI 2023

    Explore insights from Web Directions AI 2023: discover how leading businesses are harnessing AI, GPT details and ethical considerations.

    August 23 2023

Emerging web technology trends – Tech Radar 2023

    Web languages, testing tools, component libraries, and frameworks are constantly evolving, and our radar helps us to stay on top of these and other trends, and allows us to bring value to our client’s business and their customers faster and more efficiently.

    August 21 2023