Flutter Workshop

This workshop will cover

Quick start on the tools

  • Guided development tool setup
  • Guided dart language quick walkthrough
  • Hands on Flutter project walkthrough
Background, history, what sets flutter apart

  • Investigate if it’s “just another cross platform framework”
  • Declarative UI history: HTML, components, React, SwiftUI, Jetpack
  • Compose high-level platform architecture
  • Dart’s concurrency mode
Declarative UI

  • Explore why declarative UI is different to traditional architectural paradigms on mobile
  • Understand what does it mean for UI to be a function of a state
  • Learn how the Flutter framework decides when to re-render
  • Intro to widgets
  • Adding animations to widgets
Declarative State management in Flutter

  • How to think about where to store state in the widget tree
  • Exploration of creating components with local state
  • Walk-through of shared state using inherited widget
  • Hands on creating shared state using the provider package
  • Learn how to create data input and text entry widgets
Composing an application

  • Learn how screen layouts work in Flutter
  • Learn the tools for routing and screen navigation
  • Understand when and how to use plugins for native integrations
  • Hands on, simple authentication example
  • Shared preferences – on device storage
Respecting platform differences

  • Understand the tools Flutter provides for different platforms
  • Explore iOS UI / UX – Cupertino widgets
  • Explore having different layouts and responsive layouts for desktop and mobile
Testing Flutter applications

  • Testing dart
  • Testing widgets
  • Automated e2e application tests
Advanced features

  • How Flutter internals work
  • Custom painting
  • Cross platform native dependencies (platform channels)


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