Celebrating 4 Years At DigIO

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At DigIO we celebrate our birthday not by the day that our business was incorporated, but the day that our first team members started and formed the basis of an organisation that has had a genuine impact on our team and clients.

As we reach our fourth anniversary it is a great time to reflect on the journey to date and consider:

  • What has remained a constant in terms of the purpose and culture we set out to achieve ?
  • The things that didn’t happen that we expected to happen ?
  • The things we wish we knew ?
  • What platform has the last four years built for us to extend from ?

When we started the organisation we put to paper ‘why we exist’ and it served as a visible time capsule to see if our intent and observations would hold true as we moved from an idea and good intentions into a business that employs over 170 people, that sits within a broader team of over 500.


What has remained constant?

We framed ourselves as a learning organisation, which would help grow our team and in turn make sure what we deliver as an organisation is based on an informed and knowledgeable perspective.

Over the last four years we have been at the forefront of new technologies that are market relevant like containers, serverless, graphql, flutter, react native, golang and many more.

The learning and growth of our team extends beyond training with the DigIO team working at over 60 different clients and across 12 different industry segments since inception; this has given us a breadth of experience in different businesses, ways of working and technologies that accelerates our team and clients growth. Learning has certainly been ingrained in the DNA of DigIO.

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” – Peter Drucker

We had a number of leadership principles we called out in ‘Why we exist’, and I’d like to share how they have played out:


People First

As a services company we are only as good as our team, our individual focus has been the hallmark of our approach. This includes our My Deal programme that removes the bell curve and usual performance processes, tailoring benefits that are materially important to our team. We also focus on our team members’ careers through facilitated learning, but also taking rotation and promotions seriously. At DigIO our team members progress is based on capability as opposed to tenure.


There are no passengers in leadership

There is no middle management in DigIO, we have implemented Team of Team structures that align with Teal organisations that focus on delivering outcomes for the organisations over creating hierarchies and management layers that get in the way of having strong and collaborative relationships with our teams and clients. The organisational design in DigIO has remained incredibly flat and we are proud of it.


Set strategy, create plans but don’t follow blindly

We have lived this daily throughout DigIO, we have a strong view on where we want to get to and how, but we listen to our team, clients and market forces to adjust where we need to. As a professional services organisation through Covid our practical, principle based approach to our business served us better than what was written in a Google doc prior to the world moving.


Hire good people and get out of their way

This principle has played out in a number of ways, firstly the fact we have seen our team members grow from Engineers to Lead’s and Principals over the four years, and those that have left our organisation have taken on some truly amazing roles that we played a part in preparing them for. We care about the growth of our team, both with us, but also when a team member leaves. Our job is to grow careers.


Don’t force people to be someone they are not

This is one of my favourites, our team members that want to continue to be technical don’t get disadvantaged by going down that career path. We have successfully created an engineering ladder that provides a pathway to CTO, not a pathway to delivery or a non-technical role which too often is the only way up.


Lastly, we did have a big hairy and audacious goal which was “to be the most impactful and influential Technology services provider in Australia by 2022″. When reflecting on this goal we have made amazing inroads over the last four years but still have another level to get to in taking our deep technology expertise and providing even more contextualisation within the industry segments we work with, however depending on your assessment criteria the impact and influence we have developed has been nothing short of incredible in the timeframe.


What didn’t happen that we expected to happen?

When we started, DigIO was responsible for custom software development and everything platform across AWS and Google. As part of the Mantel Group house of brands model we had the opportunity to acquire CMD (AWS) and launch Kasna (GCP). The impact of having cloud specific brands was incredible, and the specialisation and client opportunities we have in DigIO based on the strengths of those brands in particular has been so complementary to what we do.


What did we wish we knew?

If we had our time over we would have looked to establish a Human Centered Design capability within DigIO or Mantel Group earlier. In seeing the impact the Pretzel Lab team has had in terms of the quality of conversations and outcomes we can deliver to our clients it could have really accelerated our impact in the first 18 months. We are certainly a better business working with Pretzel Lab.


What Platform have we created?

We have established a team that spans most states in Australia, as well as team members in NZ. We have established an adaptive organisation design that will allow us to grow but hold true to the principles we have talked about here. Most importantly we have the team and skills to deliver meaningful outcomes for our clients and a wonderful base to continue to extend on this in the future.

It has been an incredible ride, and the next few years will be equally as exciting!



So what is next 

  • We have created a team of close to 180 highly talented people, that span most parts of Australia and even New Zealand
  • We have an adaptive organisation design based on team of teams to federate leadership and make sure we provide opportunities and maintain culture as we continue to grow
  • Lastly, we want to keep challenging what good looks like when it comes to building software that ultimately has a meaningful impact on humans