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We have assisted one of Australia's largest insurance groups with the definition and adoption of a consistent software delivery framework across a complex application landscape.

Applications and teams responsible for them had varying levels of maturity which impact how software is delivered. There has been a number of initiatives aimed at modernising software engineering delivery, however there was an inability to observe the maturity of assets at an enterprise level.
A reference model or framework of what good looks like for software delivery across the organisation would be required to improve the overall delivery maturity of their applications and teams in a consistent manner.

In support of defining our clients Software Delivery Framework, we…

Conducted structured workshops and assessments that informed the creation of a consistent view across software delivery within the organisation.

Developed a framework to help asset teams assess their software delivery process in a consistent manner and guide them how to most effectively go from value creation to value realisation.

Considered the assessment of people, process and technology. Focussing on a single element would not enable significant change.

Defined what is involved in each phase of software delivery, why it is important and the value it will provide the organisation.

Defined the key attributes one would expect to see for an asset team during a particular delivery phase to enable self-assessment and the identification of areas in need of improvement.

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