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We have worked with a leader in the conveyancing market to complete a targeted assessment of the suitability of the technology selected for its business rule processing and automation.

An advanced business rules processing technology was selected to automate routine and manual tasks with a limited understanding if it will be a good fit to meet not only current, but also future roadmap objectives.
A targeted assessment of the rules processing technology was required to explore its robustness, functionality and development model. The assessment also had to consider alignment with the overall technology strategy and operating model principles.

In support of our clients adoption of the rules processing technology, we…

  • Completed an assessment of the platforms’ architecture, underlying technology, functionality and maturity of development processes. The assementment were completed against a number of structured criteria aligned with our clients’ technology strategy, including AWS’s guidance on Architecting for the Cloud, Twelve-factor Application principles, security scanning, technology skills availability, development and testing practices.
  • Delivered a report that rated the technology in the following categories:
    • Architecture – Alignment with technology strategy
    • Functionality – Alignment with ecosystem business needs
    • Development model – Alignment with software engineering best-practice
    • Delivery model – Ease of scaling delivery teams working on the platform
  • Provided ratings and recommendations for each category, as well as a comparison against a number of competing solutions.

We also introduced a platform thinking approach by establishing patterns that can be reused by other applications teams building on the platform in future.

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