We know DevSecOps

We have worked with an innovative mobile and internet service provider to uplift their DevOps and security capability, expanding it across the organisation as a whole.

Teams across the organisation were at different levels of maturity with respect to their DevOps capability. The Platform team also acted a central hub for teams to undertake common tasks, which restricted teams from doing these tasks themselves.
An overall improvement of DevOps maturity across the organisation, inclusive of security practices, was required to ensure teams had greater autonomy, reacted faster to change and could build their solutions in a more secure manner.

In support of maturing our clients DevOps capability, we…

Improved the delivery and build process for a number of teams by re-architecting the existing delivery pipelines and logging solutions.

Redesigned the existing API workflows used by teams.

Provided DevOps coaching for teams across the organisation and advised the Platform team on ways to improve both their solutions and how to approach platform engineering problems.

Designed and implemented an SSO solution enabling employees to access a range of applications using a single password.

Improved the overall security posture of AWS environments, in close collaboration with the security team, which included improvements across both the business and all components of the technology stack.

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