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We have worked with a leading Australian digital e-commerce business in the online wagering sector to complete a targeted assessment of the current state of their online betting platform architecture.

With the acquisition of a new business came the opportunity to adopt a sophisticated Kafka based online betting platform into their landscape. However, there was no clear view of the platforms operational maturity and its suitability for broader adoption and use across the business.
A targeted assessment of current state of the online betting platform would be required to provide a set of recommendations across the platforms’ architecture, delivery and support processes.

In support of our clients adoption of a new online betting platform, we…

  • Completed an assessment of the platforms’ architecture, underlying technology and maturity of development processes including a: 
    • Holistic view of the application architecture
    • Current development and deployment processes and identification of key areas of improvement
    • Operational considerations and processes and identification of key areas of improvement
    • Deep-dive into the betting platforms’ Kafka architectural components
  • Formulated a targeted set of recommendations across the following areas:
    • Platform architecture and its production readiness
    • Reusability and viability of the betting platform for future use-cases
    • Improvements for software development and delivery processes
    • Considerations for the platform support model (inclusive of skills, roles and responsibilities)
  • Provided a roadmap view of short, medium and long term opportunities to improve the betting platform into the future.

We also introduced a platform thinking approach by establishing patterns that can be reused by other applications teams building on the platform in future.

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