We know Open Banking

We have partnered with one of Australians big four banks on Open Banking to help them pioneer an open banking system.

Open Banking is the evolution from a closed model in which each financial institution retains and controls information it collects about customers to an open model in which customers and third parties have greater data access and control. Mantel Group is deeply embedded to build their new open banking capability, modernise strategic assets, and re-imagine their technology direction and architecture.

In support of our clients Open Banking efforts, we…

Made sense of the Open Banking challenge

in order to help our client understand both the implications and the potential of an open banking sector for its people and business(es).

Designed and developed the Open Banking platform.

We also introduced a platform thinking approach by establishing patterns that can be reused by other applications teams building on the platform in future.

Implemented an enterprise-level Kubernetes- and Istio-based solution

that is inclusive of build pipelines for the Open Banking program, including the implementation of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) running the Open Banking workloads – the first production workloads to successfully run in GCP.

Implemented a Kong provisioning pipeline

for deploying Kong onto the new Kubernetes infrastructure and managing associated API policies.

Developed APIs in accordance with a microservices architecture

and included Service Mesh technologies (Istio) that increased the resilience of the solution whilst reducing per-service development effort and complexity.

Followed Agile methodologies establishing multiple cross functional squads

for the Open Banking program which partner Mantel Group resources with the clients internal experience teams and a range of other multi-region vendors.

A human approach to technology

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