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We have worked with a large Australian financial institution to replace an ageing integration platform supporting up to 200 enterprise service operations, with a modern, progressive container based technology stack.

The organisation traditionally relied heavily on Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) products and Managed Service vendors to build, run and enhance their core systems.
With the existing integration technology stack and data centre reaching end of life it provided them with an opportunity to both refresh the technology landscape and more importantly improve their customer experience leveraging Digital Channels.

In support of our clients integration platform modernisation, we…

Completed a greenfields design, build and ongoing support of a new Microservices API platform.

Developed API’s following a microservices architecture.

Included service mesh technologies (Istio) that increased the resilience of the solution whilst reducing development effort and complexity.

Implemented a Kubernetes platform (Kops) running on AWS infrastructure to provide the main deployment target.

Incorporated CI/CD techniques using Jenkins and Weave Flux to reduce its dependence on traditional, integrated systems testing phases.

Implemented logging using Prometheus and Grafana for time-series metrics, and Jaeger for distributed tracing support.

Created a production regression verification testing technique using production traffic capture and replay as an alternative to traditional testing techniques.

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