We know DevOps Practices

We have worked with a federal government agency to update and improve the efficiency of their existing platform and tools, rather than just hiring more people.

The agency was looking to establish platforms and tooling that could be leveraged by internal teams and partners to deliver software more efficiently.
The agency needed assistance to uplift their internal platform engineering capability and also identify opportunities where DevOps practices could help to streamline the end-to-end development processes.

In support of our clients efforts to improve platform and tool efficiency, we…

Worked closely with business teams, to review and streamline existing technology related processes and help to identify opportunities for continued strategic improvement in the use of technology assets.

Reviewed the current DevOps tool chain with senior Software Engineers and proposed improvements covering backlog management, infrastructure provisioning, development tooling, automated testing and continuous integration.

Realised the DevOps target ecosystem by prototyping potential solutions and implementing best practice frameworks and tools.

Helped to drive the adoption of best practices in programming and software development across both IT and in-business development teams.

Worked closely with other technology teams including Architecture and Risk & Security to review and provide input into proposed solutions.

Researched and made recommendations on the latest DevOps tools, cutting edge technologies and evolving technology practices.

Provided guidance and thought leadership to other developers and analysts including permanent, contractor and consultancy personnel.

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