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We have worked with one of Australia’s leading suppliers of residential and commercial hardware products to define a transformative approach for delivering business critical features to customers and to remain ahead of the competition.

With a renewed focus on delivering business critical features across a variety of domains, delivery teams needed support to help improve their lean agile maturity for both effective and efficient delivery.
A transformative approach was required focussing on product management, agile delivery and agile capability uplift to drive improved predictability and frequency of feature releases.

In support of defining our clients new ways of working, we’ve provided…

Product and agile delivery frameworks – developing customised product and agile delivery frameworks to improve predictability, visibility and continuous improvement.

Agile Coaching – working closely with agile team leads and teams to recommend and implement changes to their work practices to improve the effectiveness of their chosen agile framework (Scrum or Kanban).

A Program Kanban Wall – providing visibility of initiatives from problem definition through to measurement and learnings in Production, to improve predictability and flow of work and better manage cross team dependencies.

Feature Canvas and “Pitch Perfect” sessions – to provide structure to the initiative life cycle so that the viability and ROI of an initiative is better assessed before development commences.

Delivery health checks – using a balanced scorecard approach to embed metrics and empirical evidence based decision making and associated process improvements via peer review of team performance.

Team health checks – using the Spotify model to measure team health and identify areas of improvement across teams that may require leadership support.

A Kaizen working group – the working group elevated the visibility and importance of continuous improvement activities and gives the opportunity for the resolution of improvement requiring cross team participation.

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