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We have worked with a major government-owned business to define a strategy to evolve its development tooling and cloud infrastructure to align to changing business needs.

The existing CI/CD platform evolved over time to support development across Cloud environments with varying compliance requirements. More recently the platform struggled to provide a transparent view of cost and value, with the ability to evolve and support new technologies and development paradigms limited.
A complete review of development tooling and cloud infrastructure was required to advise them on how to continue to deliver products and services to customers that are of value, available when they want them and cost effective in their development.

In support of our clients CI/CD Strategy, we…

Worked with the CIO and CTO to review the existing development tooling and cloud infrastructure used across the business.

Defined a reference architecture for the revised Developer Platform which considered the use of more progressive infrastructure patterns such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), container and serverless technologies.

Established a feature backlog for the revised Developer Platform containing a prioritised list of features that are of highest value to consumers of development tooling.

Outlined metrics that demonstrate the expected benefit of backlog features when compared to the current state.

Defined a candidate operating model and team structure outlining how the revised Developer Platform will be supported going forward, including a definition of the skill sets required in the team and how it will work within the context of developers that use the platform.

Completed a high level cost analysis estimating the potential build cost and anticipated cost to operate, support and enhance the revised Developer Platform over time.

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