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We have worked with a leading organisation providing next generation payment solutions for businesses in Australia to validate if their platform can support additional load.

The platform provider was planning to expand its online payments processing to a large number of merchants. They needed to be able to guarantee the current platform as configured in production was going to be able to handle the anticipated load.
Successfully demonstrating that it can handle additional load would also help them unlock funding needed to continue growing their business into the future.

In support of our clients payments platform growth, we…

Delivered a k6 based test harness that allows a number of customer defined user journeys to be load tested.

Provided a configuration driven approach that enables users to configure and change test scenarios through environment variables without changing code.

Deployed and scaled the test harness in an AWS environment that was automated through continuous integration.

Automatically generated platform load supporting loads of up to a thousand requests per second.

Defined and delivered evidence and reports required to support production release approval processes.

Provided training to the internal development team on how to operate the test harness and also extend it in future as required.

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