How DigIO can help you get there faster

Customer expectations in a Digital world are only going up…recent events have shown that a reliance on technology to augment or enhance interactions with people and organisations will only increase.

There is cost and complexity for your organisation to deliver a compelling digital experience to customers. Through our two unique capabilities below, we will partner with you to determine where your investment will have the greatest impact and help you get there faster.

Our Product Runway Capability

Identifying the next big product or feature for your company is only the start.

Product Runway, our solution definition and delivery planning capability, allows you to properly understand the feasibility & viability of the product by gaining a deeper understanding of not only the technology challenges but also the effort required and the cost involved to bring this to market.

Before you engage your development team to start building, you need to understand:

  • How will your product work? 
  • How will we align the business on the specific functionality of the product? 
  • How are you going to build it? 
  • What technology stack are you going to use?
  • How long will it take to bring your MVP to market?
  • How much will it cost you to build it?

Through a series of workshops, our Product Runway accelerator will bring speed and agility to your solution definition process. Product Runway provides clarity on what to build, how to build it, the delivery approach, dependencies, risks as well as the investment required to start delivery of your product with greater confidence.

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Our Solution Accelerators

Your customers expect more – meet their needs with our Solution Accelerators for rapid application development.

Your customers’ expectations are very high – they know what they want and they know what is possible and this puts immense pressure on you. To create a great customer experience that is resilient and adaptable to change. You often have to deal with a substantial number of business processes, integration with 3rd Parties as well as a diverse range of technologies.

There is an opportunity to not reinvent the wheel and to help reduce common challenges and risks organisations face when adopting new technologies, which is why we have developed our Solution Accelerators.

Our Solution Accelerators provide an end-to-end development approach inclusive of core components that support rapid application development and automation of cloud platform services. It helps accelerate implementation by minimising the time to start building features. It not only enables a technology quick start but also a team quick start by reducing the time taken to make technology decisions and align ways of working.

We offer accelerators for both Serverless and Container based architectures used in conjunction with our platform service automation which can include everything from account creation through to compute, storage, networking and security services. This provides you with a smoother path towards productionisation, as well as an expedited path to leverage us as a managed service for ongoing support of your solution components, inclusive of all cloud services leveraged for the solution.

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